Jean & The Wonderful Idea Machine Licensing Invitation
Songs From The Musical
Song #1 Women In History

Song #2 There They Go Again

Song #3 I Think I Got It

Song #4 Dream Doer

Song #5 Another You

Song #6 I See

Song #7 Science Fair

Song #8 Love Is Greater Than Fear

Song #9 Grace

Song #10 Jean & The Wonderful Idea Machine

Have you been looking for a new, fun and empowering 
family-friendly musical for your theater or school?

Jean & The Wonderful Idea Machine is a journey of a little girl who invents a machine that transforms worried thoughts into wonderful ideas to help her parents who are struggling financially.

She is inspired to build the machine by a science fair assignment to invent something that will solve a problem that she has seen. She decides she wants to create a machine that can change worried thoughts to wonderful ideas. Eventhough her science teacher dismisses her idea and her doubt threatens to derail her vision she is able to bring her vision to life.

The president of the United States invites her to bring her Wonderful Idea Machine to the world peace summit. Not only does she help her parents but her machine helps the whole world create peace and prosperity for all.

This musical was developed by sharing the story and songs from the musical at elementary and middle school assemblies. Parents and teachers loved it because it’s entertaining and teaches growth mindset principles.

“Having a growth mindset means believing that a person’s abilities aren’t innate but can be improved through effort, learning, and persistence. A growth mindset is all about the attitude with which a person faces challenges, how they process failures, and how they adapt and evolve as a result.” - Steve Hogarty

In 2019 The Portland Musical Theater company put on two staged readings, and we collected feedback from the parent and children in the audience. Here are the most common words used to describe how the musical made them feel: 

Uplifted - Hopeful - Happy - Very Good - Resolved - Inspired - More Positive - Encouraged.

AWARDS: In 2020 I put on a zoom production and recorded it and turned the production into a film that traveled around the world and received 12 film festival selections and FINALIST - European International Film Festival - 2020, Semi-Finalist - Children’s Cinema Awards 2021, Semi-Finalist - Eurasia International Film Festival - 2021.

The Movie Version Of Jean Was Screened Internationally 
See Blue On The Map Below

Deanna Maio
Executive Producer
Portland Musical Theater Company

"Directing and producing 'Jean & The Wonderful Idea Machine' was like a dream come true. Imagine diving into a world where every song and scene sparks joy and inspiration. That was my every day on this project. It was more than just a show; it was a journey filled with laughter, creativity, and a bit of magic.

Big thanks to Jenn August – you were our rock! Always there with a helpful tip or a word of encouragement. Your support wasn't just helpful; it was a game changer. It's rare to find someone so dedicated and involved, and you were exactly that.

This experience? Absolutely unforgettable. It reminded me why I love doing what I do. If you are considering bringing 'Jean & the Wonderful Idea Machine' to your theater, don't hesitate. Do it. Your audiences will love it."

Musical Details:
The musical license comes with:
  • ​Fully produced backing tracks for every song
  • ​Sample tracks with vocals for every song from previous production
  • ​Lead sheets & lyric sheets for every song
  • ​A script for virtual performance with 8 cast members
  • ​A script for 9 cast members
  • ​A script for 39 cast members
  • ​Diverse casting encouraged
  • ​Great for educational programs, school matinees & school field trips
  • ​Opportunities to be performed by an all adult cast or all child cast or a mix
  • ​The musical can run from 1 hour to 90 minutes with an optional intermission
  • ​Tips Sheet - Costume & props recommendations / Optional narration / Character personality types / Characters that can be doubled up
  • ​Marketing Assets - 3 musical poster designs, social media posts, audition email & social media invitations
  • ​I would be excited to provide additional support to help you create success with the material

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